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Private Development

Definition of “Private Development”

“Private Development” Includes

  • All the various ways of describing opportunities for a person or corporation to use part of the park for their own private use when that use does not directly support the park visitor.  
  • Use of park property that is not open to the public solely to raise revenue to support park purposes.
  • Terminology such as “Value Capture”, “Land Lease”, Park Supporting, and “Revenue Generating Development”, as well as other creative terms that obscure the meaning to the public.
  • Condominiums, rental apartments, business office space and facilities that charge excessive membership or use fees and similar businesses.

“Private Development” does not include:

  • The kitchen section of a restaurant or the storage and repair areas of a bicycle rental shop, because the business is open to the public and the private areas directly support the service to the public.  
  • Facilities that groups can temporarily rent in ways similar to those rented in other Raleigh Parks like meeting rooms or picnic shelters.
  • Development by private corporations or individuals for public amenities like fountains, play areas, bike paths or stream remediation.

“Open and accessible to everyone” includes:

  • ADA compliant access to facilities.  Some trails and landscapes may not be ADA accessible.
  • Reasonable fees.  Facilities that charge premium fees are not realistically available to everyone.  
  • Separate playground areas for older and younger children in age appropriate playgrounds and similar situations.

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