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Transit-X Microtransit Podway

Transit-X is proposing an aerial monorail network of pods that can transport people around Raleigh as well as into Dix Park. They have two proposals: The first pilot proposal is an 18 mile network with 860 pods. 25% of Raleigh residents would be within a 5 minute walk to a station. The cost is about $110 million. The second is the full proposal with 226 mile network with 13,888 pods where 95% of the population is within a 5 minute walk to a station. This one costs $1,439,225,205. Two people, 4 kilometer $1.90 fare. Both of them are expected to be financed privately. Fares would need to be about $0.50 per kilometer for 2 people in a pod.

High capacity • High speed • Nonstop • 24/7 Solar powered • Zero Wait • Door-to-door • Resilient

Transit X proposes to build and operate a green, privately-financed microtransit podway to carry passengers and freight for Raleigh, NC that makes the Transit X service convenient to 95% of the population. Transit X efficiently services both suburbs and cities and provides for a higher
quality of life.

Major benefits

• Reduce congestion
• Provide parking relief
• Reduce pollution
• Improve safety
See  for more details. This 3-minute video describes our innovative solution. The Transit X Handbook answers many questions about our service, the company, our technology, and the way we address: congestion, parking, road safety, pedestrian safety, ADA compliance, sustainability, fares, solar+storage, construction, aesthetics, operations, economic development, quality of service, security, station footprint, equitability, carbon footprint, transit integration, resiliency, reliability, rights-of-way, and open space.

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