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Advocating to make Dorothea Dix Park Truly World Class

Our purpose is to advocate for a world class public park.

Our goal is for Dix Park to develop along these
Guiding Principles.

  • Wellness should be he theme of the park
  • All of Dix Park should be used for park purposes to serve the park visitor.
  • None of the park should be used for Private Development as defined here.

Six Guiding Principles

From Dix306 and FDDP in a response to the Draft Master Plan Dec. 2018 to City Council

  • Respect the natural beauty of the land; preserve it from encroaching
    development and commercialization.
  • Honor its legacy as a place of mental and physical wellness; we fully support the Wellness document developed by the Legacy Committee.
  • Minimize car traffic in the park with the future goal of eliminating cars altogether
  • Connect Dix Park to downtown Raleigh, Pullen Park, NCSU and the state Farmer’s Market in ways that allow easy access to Dix on foot, bicycle, free shuttle, or public transit, including future modes.
  • Dix should model environmental sustainability, including water reuse, energy self-sufficiency, and carbon-free transportation systems; it should showcase the production and use of food-producing plants.  
  • Dix must be a park for everyone; everything in Dix should be for use by all park visitors, and nothing should be for a select few.
  • Finally, all decision-making about the park and the master plan must be transparent; citizens have a right to review and comment on all documents, studies and cost estimates produced in the planning process.

Process for Content on this Website

  • Authors on the site believe in the Guiding Principles
  • Authors write for themselves and don’t speak for the website
  • Suggestions, Plans, and Ideas in the articles are consistent with the Guiding Principles
  • Articles are classified by Author, Landscape & Subject
  • Authors can post articles written by others and index them under “Guest Contributors”