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Building Removal and Renovation Plans in the Draft MVVA Master Plan

How much should it cost to maintain Dorothea Dix Park? Let’s look at Raleigh Park System for guidance:

  • Raleigh Parks total 10,000 acres
  • 200 Parks
  • $50 Million to operate and maintain the buildings and land.
  • Approximately $5000 per acre
  • Dix Park 308 acres
  • Should be about $1,6 Million to maintain just a few buildings and the land.
  • Dix park represents 3% of the area of the Raleigh park system

Dix doesn’t need as many buildings as the plan calls for. They are both expensive to restore and maintain. Here is a breakdown of the plans from the Master Plan.

Total existing buildings85 buildings

Total existing floor area1,171,818 sq ft
26.9 acres
Total existing footprint679,790 sq ft
15.6 acres
Buildings to be removed5364% of buildings
Floor area to be removed478,328 sq ft41% of existing floor area10.98 acres
Footprint to be removed331,521 sq ft49% of existing footprint7.61 acres
Buildings preserved3237% of existing buildings
Floor area preserved693,490 sq ft59% of existing floor area15.92 acres
Footprint preserved348,269 sq ft51% of existing footprint7.99 acres
Buildings and surrounding lawns preserved1,602,178 sq ft12% of 308 acres36.78 acres

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