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Ridge Building Plan

Here are some parts of the Master Plan

Current buildings on the Ridge from the Master Plan

Buildings planned for saving and removal in the Master Plan

When we consider the uses for these building we need to be aware of how much space they have and see if it is best to consolidate the uses into fewer buildings.

The detailed section shows original material remaining today | From Master Plan Appendix VII Preservation Architecture
Original AJ Davis Building | From Master Plan Appendix VII Preservation Architecture

AJ Davis South Wing 12,938 footprint 51,752 floor area
AJ Davis North Wing 14,057 footprint 56,228 floor area
Total AJ Davis building floor area 107,980
These estimates are made from aerial photos.

We should seriously consider if it is worth obscuring the original AJ Davis building with the wings of the McBride building – do we need another 94,000 sq ft on this already massive building.

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