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2/5/19 City Council Statement from Joseph Huberman

I’m Joseph Huberman, I live across from Dix and  I’ve been on the Raleigh Parks Board and participated in four Master Plans…

Kate, we would like to thank you, your staff and MVVA for your hard work producing this Master Plan for Dix Park.  We very much appreciate that you and the City Councillors took our concerns seriously and modified the Park Plan so that we can all support it and work together.  

We think further study of the buildings, funding, and parking is important, and we will continue to advocate that all the park be open to everyone, that there are as few buildings as necessary and that we find creative ways to bring people into the park.

We look forward to all of us working together to make Dix a World Class Park.

Dix needs to be a park for everyone but it doesn’t need to be a park with everything.

It’s unique characteristics are:

  • its legacy as a site of conscience; the people who lived and worked on the land, and the transition from imprisoning to treating those with mental illness
  • and the landscape which offers natural restorative tranquility in contrast to the bustle of downtown.

There is no need to create an urban core in the park. The park should be the tranquil core of the urban environment

Wellness is the unifying theme that could make Dix a World Class Park.  Wellness should be the touchstone by which to evaluate the park’s activities and amenities.

By embracing its legacy and celebrating Wellness we honor Dorothea Dix, and this is what will make Dix Park – World Class.

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